Family Guy Season 1-11 DVD Box Set

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Family Guy" is an American comedy cartoon, which is directed by Seth MacFarlane, with a story line of stories about a family’s life in Quahog, Rhode Island. This Family Guy Season 1-11 DVD Box Set show has extensive use of flashback technique, and the basic plot of each episode revolves around the story of Peter Griffin and his family.

    “Family Guy” is about a very absurd family life, Peter is a man talking lecherously and often a naïve good fat person. His wife Lois from the powerful house is willing to follow the strange fat husband. This is the point that the Family Guy DVD Box Set, in fact, looks very abnormal. She is also not a normal wife and mother type. His eldest son (Chris) is a naive child, the eldest daughter (Megan) is a in the most normal person in this show but has a plain appearance, unfortunately made fun by people at home and in school and has a literature girl with the hot heart of love; Stewie is the youngest son and the most lovely person in this drama, filled with the same desire to conquer the world, often failing to assassinate the mother, who is a super scientist, statesman, playboy and a child with a diaper. Brain is a cute little white dog and it is seems the most normal male in the drama.

    Peter always pretty silly talks about his family: his wife is addicted to the pleasure of a baby son’s naughty. Every day, she contemplates how to control her only one year old son. The one year old Site Wei was born as a troublemaker and he will find many ways to do some surprising things to make his parents angry, as well as, the family dog Brian is a somewhat narcissistic puppy.
All the character in Family Guy Season 1-11 are well set and I love their stupid personalities and behaviors. This drama has been my favorite American comedy cartoon.